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I steps through with my bell bottoms ringing a watch as I caress my rim. I walks like pimp And talks like pimp no simp as I stalks like pimp. G ling show me it's bound to bite your head off so roll out that red carpet as I's Mack through punk step off. Ain't Nathan soft sit back and get keyed as I give you a dose cause it's that supermacafragalisticsesspemackadocis nigga. You can't come close to this macking game that I portray cuz my middle name chyeah it be the m to the a to the c to the k

I puts that m in money maker here we go now stop let the hoes know I'm about my fucking paper fool what do you know I'm from the sco so let me talk shit for any nigga that run up he can catch the fucking whole clip get pistol whipped. I lay that ass down to the fucking ground you can feel the sound that I'm blowing up through your whole town. I've nothing left but just my niggas so best believe my fingers posted on the fucking trigga

Now it's that tall bald and brown down for whatever cause my way it be that bay way any day sippin on alize. And I’m chillin on killin em cause I need some pussy right about now. I tap on your lips with my dick punk bitch open your mouth. This head is scrumptious but fuck this I’m fixin to make her knees weak and take the cheeks of this slut bitch. Helmet and asshole in the bay area backrows my candlestick scandalous bitches can’t handle this

Well I can be your man youll be my bitch. How could you be my girl your licking my balls and sucking my dick? You little old trick. Ain’t worth a thang it’s just your pussy hole. Giving up that tootsie roll. Hoping a nigga is sprung cause you think your shit is gold. Not me see. Me coming up out the High See. Me making funky music with me crew and with me posse. Damn I think this shit is kinda major I wish I had a razor for every captain saver

Now as I slip and slide dip and dive stroking your pussy oh so softly as we bump and grind. I toss you then back up off you so smoothly. Don’t call at all just drop by and swoop me. I made ya week now your treating me to the comfort sweets. This playa got sake of vegas and bitch you better have the weed. Get gone away from home in a home away from home. My game is tight ain't that right and it goes on and on
And all my hookers love me cause they got a buck to stay loose and demand a single gate loose from ak to douse douse huh. I’s pimps em all that nigga that’s got the girl to be bustin a cap in all yall without now stars or no pause. Got you on the buck you better not take a second look or nina will have your ass hooked and gooked and now a nigga took. Never fucks with a gat. Pimpin kinda got and now all my hoes know to treat me like im super fucking fly

I’ve been pimpin you while sippin brews bitch have my money………………………X3

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