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The night is young
I'm going in
Up in the sky
Is where you wanna be
Don't bring me down
Don't bring me down
Don't bring me down
Don't bring me down
Don't bring me down
Don't bring me down

[Verse 1:]
What goes up must come down and if I stay down then I'm gon' come up
Life a bitch, I got my hand on her butt, foot on the clutch, arm out the window smoking a blunt uh ugh
Tired of the silique. Trigger squeez!
And please...if being broke is a disease, I took a test amd passed then nigga I'm clean
From methazine poured in a two-litre
Got my gorillas with me and I'm the zoo keeper
See you ain't seen it all until you seen it all
If life a like a movie, you never know when it night pause
Pause. Uh


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