2 Chainz – Own Drugs (O.D.) Lyrics

Produced By: Mike WiLL Made It

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[Hook: 2 chainz]
I ain't gotta fuck yo bitch, I got my own girl
I ain't gotta smoke your weed, I got my own drugs
I ain't gotta drink your drink, I got my own drugs
I ain't gotta pop your pills, I got my own drugs

[Bridge: 2 Chainz]
I walk in the party with my own drugs
Got my girl on the Molly with her home girl
I really ain't stressin', I ain't even stressin'
I really ain't stressin', I ain't even stressin'
I ain't gotta fuck your bitch, I got my own girl
I ain't gotta smoke you weed, I got my own drugs
I really ain't stressin', ain't even stressin'
I really ain't stressin', ain't even stressin'

[Verse 1 : 2 Chainz]
While you stressin' me, God keeps on blessing me
I know how to make money, this the recipe
Your pussy get rest to peace, especially murder scene
Hit her from the back, she like, "Hercules! Hercules!" (tell 'em)
Started from a pot, then I took over the spot
Then I took over the block, then I took over hip-hop

Then I started geekin', then I started tweekin'
Then I started reachin', then I stop speakin'
Finished Monday, started on the weekend

Gas in my car, I got gas in my 'gar
You can smell it when I'm passing your car

Its the last of the raw, all you need is a straw
And when I ain't feelin good, all I need is a mall, showin' off, uh
Your pockets on doughnuts (yeah)
Got my posse out in broad day
Been up all night, its been a long day
Im trying to get higher, fucking up my fung shui



[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Styrofoam cups got flying spirt
Double cup full of Ms. Buttersworth
Brownskin bitch in a tennis skirt

With some rolling papers, full of purp
Couple of bad hoes in a penthouse suite
Ya'll broke niggas ain't in my league
I swear this game been good to me
Im a veteran in this game, why would I leave?

Real niggas, thats all I see, Pimp C, R.I.P
I'm up all night, like "Fuck some sleep"
Push start button, like "Fuck the key"
Your boy's too broke, can't fuck with me
My hoes too fine, can't fuck for free
Ya'll niggas out here savin' hoes
I'mma start calling you niggas "Justice League"

[Verse 3: Cap1]
I'm on codeine, I'ma dope fiend
Got Molly world for that party girl
Ecstasy, she want the best of me
Turn her out, she a naughty girl
Your bitch choose my girl, like
I ain't gotta speak my wife, get her

Lickin' on me like an Optimo
Get a boy a Sprite and now pour a pitcher
450 for a zip of strong, codename: gas money
Magic City, cuttin' up, bitch shakin' their ass for me
Fuck the bitch in my back seat
If she hit the window, she a crash dummy

I'mma dope boy to get fast money
And every stand I'm for me, I'm gone



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