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[Intro/Hook - interpolation of KRS-One]
They claim we sellin crack, but you be doin that! {*4X*}
They claim we sellin crack {*8X*}
But you be doin that!

Sugar's in my cereal, sugar's in my soft drink
Sugar's in my Whole Food, sugar sugar everything
Sprinkle sugar everywhere, tell me what's it all mean?
Energy rise up, then it's gone in a blink
Kids turn fiends, before they turn teens
Cavities are tragedy, keep your teeth clean
Sugar sugar sugar won'tcha gimme gimme more
Of your sweet elixir 'til my liver gets sore?


Sugar sugar everywhere, sugar so convenient
Sugar's in the corner store and everything you eatin
High fructose corn syrup the ingredient
Pay a quarter for your diabetes then you leavin
Sugar sugar sugar why can't I lose weight?
Sugar sugar sugar why can't I concentrate?
Sucrose take my glucose levels higher
Sugar is the illest drug, who is the supplier?


{*6X in background getting louder: "Say no to Domino's"*}

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