• Common spelling/grammatical errors

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A song should be in quotes, “Control”
An album should be italic, good kid, m.A.A.d city
Anything else like movie titles, magazines, etc. should be in italic

Cuz vs. ‘Cause: there is no definite right answer, I try to use 'cause, but I do see a lot of people using cuz

Dis vs. This: unlike cuz/‘cause, this/dis is a simple answer. Never use “dis” instead of “this” unless the pronunciation stands out in a way that makes spelling it wrong necessary

I'mma vs. I’m a: use “I'mma” when someone is saying they’re about to do something, while “I’m a” is used when someone is saying they are something

Momma vs. mama: I’ve seen it both ways around the site, I like to use momma when speaking of one’s mother and mama when speaking of a beautiful woman

Motherfucker vs. muthafucka vs. mu' fucka: this depends on how the artist pronounces the word, but usually I go with muthafucka. Occasionally you’ll get a mu' fucka, but you should be able to tell when that happens

Finna/tryna/gonna: slang like this is good to keep in the lyrics as long as it follows the rhyme scheme and sounds like it’s what the artist is saying

Use apostrophes: when shortening a word like “bangin” or “fuckin” make sure you add an apostrophe at the end

Capitalization: use proper capitalization. That means, the first letter of each sentence should be capital and the first letter of each proper noun.

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