“Hop if you're not spreading love then why do you even write music?"
Cause this is how I feel when I ain’t rappin on the mic you bitch
Am I supposed to coat it up? Am I not allowed to open up?

from Hopsin – Hop Is Back Lyrics on Rap Genius


People aren’t used to hearing such dark and raw hate on the mike, especially from people as big and well-known as Hopsin; that’s why the reaction to Kendrick’s “Control” verse was so immense; the game’s been pussied up.

To many people, music is made to express only love and the positive attitude, where to Hop it’s an outlet to what he’s going through, his thoughts as they are, everything—he’s basically narrated his life through a mic for us.

Hop’s never going to put a filter, or compromise on his lyrics. He’s going to put out what he feels, in real life, not just some fake thug shit that’s only thug on the mic. He’s not going to make shit up about how lovely his feelings are, because he doesn’t feel that way; he’s not going to sugar-coat it up for hollywood. His shit is raw, and it’ll stay that way.

Notice the word play

To coat up means to be less revealing as to what your opinions are; this is in contrast to open up whereby there is no mental filter or constraints in saying what you feel.

This meaning also sets attire imagery

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