We are the dreams of our parents lost in the future

from Childish Gambino – Life: the biggest troll [andrew auernheimer] Lyrics on Rap Genius


Parents wish their children will grow up and have a better life than they did, while also trying to live vicariously through their children as well. Not only that, but the parents want their kids to solve problems with the world that their generation couldn’t solve.

This is a likely allusion to Barack Obama’s book Dreams from My Father.

But what if we fail? We’re all going through an existential crisis. We’re all lost in our technology and have the power to do amazing things with it but really we get lost in the Internet and pop culture.

So, maybe we are letting our parents down, or Donald feels like he is at least. So much rests on the shoulders of the youth and we may just ignore the overwhelming feeling and dive deeper into ourselves, using the Internet as an endless echo-chamber, a mise en abyme. Donald distracts this feeling by talking about money, hanging out with so many girls he can’t remember their names, buying useless things, hosting parties filled with people he doesn’t really like, and staying in expensive houses.

This zeitgeist is best expressed in the fact that if we see a person getting attacked, instead of helping we take out our phone to record.

This song summarizes the feelings Donald has been having and encapsulates the entire theme of the album.

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