Hella slow, that's that dial up,

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Do you recognize this sound? Chances are high that you do if you’re born before the year 2000. This is the sound of the old way to gain access to the almighty Internet. It used telephone lines, which made the telephone in the house unusable while you were surfing the Web (sounds like a pain in the ass, eh?) and it was a real hassle to connect to it.

They were also very slow. It wasn’t slow in the way that it would take five hours to download a movie. No no, it was slow in the way that it would take a few days to download a movie. Yes, a few days. You saw it right.

Picture above depicts how much time it would take to download a typical movie file (700MB).

Believe it or not, people still use dial-up, mostly because they can’t afford broadband. Dial-up is also known as the primitive way to connect to the Internet.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsNaR6FRuO0 No, that’s not Dubstep.

Although now you can turn modem noises into music with this device:

Childish Gambino is also referring to the pace of his song “Dial Up.”

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