Man made the Web, you don't need a name

from Childish Gambino – Life: the biggest troll [andrew auernheimer] Lyrics on Rap Genius


God made man, and man made the Internet.

Playing on the Genesis 1:27 verse, Bino is talking about anonymity on the Internet and how you can create your own second identity there without compromising your own, which has become a lot harder these days due to the rise of social communities and trolls!

This is a very weighted statement in that no one name is credited for “The Internet” — man made it.

It’s always been fairly easy to cloak yourself. In the early days people used proxies and proxychains to hide their IP address. In these days it’s still fairly easy, perhaps a bit harder and a bit more expensive. In today’s Internet environment a proxy is not enough to be anonymous, but rather a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which encrypts all your traffic (2048-bit encryption, OpenVPN that is. Not PPTP!)

Many people use VPNs these days. VPN sales have increased after the NSA PRISM scandal that shook the whole world. If you want to be untraceable and protect your integrity, you should use a VPN.

It should be noted that the name “Childish Gambino” came from a Wu-Tang name generator found on none other than the Internet.

It should also be noted that the main character in the Because the Internet screenplay (The Boy) has no name, or at least it is never revealed to us. He also lives behind his anonymous Twitter account (TheGoldMolar) to troll people.

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