I speak to the detached and unrealistic
That were born normal but turned socially autistic

from Immortal Technique (Ft. Mojo of Dujeous) – Eye in the Sky Lyrics on Rap Genius


Most likely meaning the people were once highly educated and then they turned in to people that couldn’t communicate well and started to have the same repetitive behavior. Like how America is today with the economy, fake politicians, etc.

In ancient times African kingdoms such as Egypt and Timbuktu were the centers of knowledge for the world… in other words black people were the noble class of the world but have now become socially autistic. Humans are born nobel because they are the jewel of creation, but by turning away God they decay socialy.

He talks about how humans who were born normal but have been hypnotized by society therefore examples like the internet, party life, music, sex. Mainly he refers to the new generation as they forget god.

The ones who were normal, but learned about what this society is really all about (including the Homeland Security’s mission) and ended up refusing the values of this society, effectively becoming single-minded in their passion and lacking interest in “normal” social interaction.

In the spiritual book Bhagavad Gita, the detached are people who detach themselves from the physical to become spiritually enlightened and have a knowledge of their soul. Tech speaks the people who were once detached but have now become attached to the physical world of money, possession etc. thereby becoming socially autistic in the process.

These lines refers to the mounting volume of evidence that confirms the causal link between external factors (such as nutritional deficiencies and infant vaccinations) and skyrocketing autism rates among American children.

These causal links are supported by academic research [Source 1] (http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13590840020013248) [Source 2] (http://foa.sagepub.com/content/12/1/53.short) as well as reports of parents detailing how that their infants were developing normally until receiving vaccinations [Source 3] (http://www.whale.to/v/autism2.html).

Thus, these children were “born normal” but potentially “turned socially autistic” by vaccines and nutritional deficiencies.

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