50 Cent – 50's My Favourite Lyrics

Produced By: Rahki

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I took a sip of the potion
Little SK, a little Goose, now I’m loose

[Verse 1]
Quest for the cheddar I bought shiny Beretta
I’m firing squad hard, you niggas should know better
Than to bump with Ferrari, district calamari
I kill like rebels in Warri, I’m sorry
I ball like I think I’m the Prince of Abu Dhabi
Black gold gush out the ground

Gun powder fly out the pound
I turn a clown smile upside down
That’s 3 time zones in my watch face
Still hard to tell time with diamonds all over my watch face
Twinkle like I’m outta space, I'm the big dipper
You a little dipper, pipe down little nigga
Nice wheels, but don’t talk money, that's what I'm about
I could fit your house inside my house
And your neighbours and ya yard, oh my God

This shit ain't about shit so I ain't gon’ go hard
Now kick push, kick push, get the fuck outta here, kick push

You’re now being hypnotised, close your eyes
And say 50′s my favourite, 50, 50's my favourite
I’m not the the one to play with, I mean what I say, bitch
50′s my favourite, 50, 50′s my favourite
Still on that gutter shit, forever on that gutter shit
50′s my favourite, 50, 50′s my favourite
I know you love that shit, real niggas be loving this
50′s my favourite, 50, 50′s my favourite

[Verse 2]
Oh shit, now a nigga floating
That Luger German, thats Kush burning
I’m Einstein on the grind, my wheels turning
I’m out in Cali
Not in Hollywood, Silicon valley
I’m bout to get rich, I mean real rich
I’m talking Facebook and Spotify type shit
I’m not a programmer, I use ghetto grammar
Slang, pussy, I’m strong as David Banner
The Hulk, my money come in bulk
And if this shit go bad I go back to the dope
Now pay attention to the murder I wrote
This my light shit, my heavy shit on the album
Lets get right, bitch


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