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She made me want it, want it
On a late night, All in the morning, morning
I wanna be where she wanna be
She is the defenition of sexy to me
I'm finna push her upon me, upon me
Yeah let her know, that I want it, want it
She wanna be, where I wanna be
She is the defenition of Sexy to me

[Verse 1]
Seduction, I'm stuck when...
She get' that bad in her eyes
She walks the thick in her thighs
It's perfect, it's worth it
I do what I got to get it
I ain't trippin, shit I'm with it
I put it down, when I hit it
She'll be so happy she did it
I'll bet she never forget it
In bed, I'm like a wizard
Shawty exquisite she wanna visit over and over and over
Her body is a map, I'm the god
I'm just here to show her
How to get to that g-spot

Non stop, tic tac
Time fly, hella fun
No lie, oh ay
No I, can give her what she need
Slo-mo, high speed, xtc, triple D


[Verse 2]
You can hear us from the next room
When we go at it
I studied her addiction
She got a habit
She gotta have it

I'm always on my job
I work it nice and hard
I mean I work it how she want it
She my homie, lover and friend
Yeah she might just bring her other friend
Feel the rush, adrealine
That make a nigga's head spin
I say just keep it simple baby
We ain't gotta complicate it
If you want it and I want it
Maybe we should have it
Baby we got one live to live
It's precious the time we share
Now call me when you're in need
Baby girl i'll be there
For showing me, you can confide
I'm a rider. 24/7 yeah ready to ride

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