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(Phone ringing)
Aww man...who the fuck is callin'?..
I don't even wanna answer this shit...Hello?

(Man on phone)
Whattup nigga it's Black
Remember me from way back?
We used to go to school together
Man, I got your number from Heather
She said you sell guns, I got beef I wanna see what you got
And if I like it I'll cop

Damm nigga, you hot
You talkin' like you tryin' to get a nigga knocked
What time is it? man, it's fuckin' 4 O'clock
I shouldn't sell you shit, but Son, meet me on the block
I ain't got time to waste man, where this nigga at?
I'm in the Brown hooptie, there he go, I see 'em

Pullin' up slow in the BM
I popped my trunk to show him what I'm workin' wit'
First I showed him the TEC
I told him Niggas give these shits respect
But you don't want this, Man
These shits is known to jam

This is a little smaller here
And a little more common, 9 Millimeter Ruger
16 shots, hollow points will go through ya

And this? this here? this is a 12 gauge Mossberg kid
Two shots and you can wet like half a block
This shit here gets my dick hard
It's a Calico, it holds a hundred shots
If you can't kill your beef with this you need to stop
C'mon, pick somethin' now nigga, you know it's hot

(Black Child)
Man, stop actin' like that nigga, just show me what you got

Aight, nigga look, I got Two 380's
One black, one chrome, and 4 Glocks
They all hold 21 shots
Look, I done been through all my shit nigga
So tell me what you want

(Black Child)
(Click clack)
It's hard to choose man, I think I'll take 'em all

Oh, you gon' do me like that?
I got one more piece to show you, my Derringer
I keep it in the small of my back
It's a two shot, it's chrome, my initials engraved in it
(shots ring off)
Look at you now, you had to get it

Your BM? I'm takin' it, shit, you don't need it
Park it where I can watch it at and see if it got low jack

Then take it to the chop shop to my Man Kojak
He gon' give me more cream so I can cop mo' gats

Joe and Duke came through, them niggas copped two TEC's
Said "Don't go by the gamblin' spot, that shit gon' get wet"

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