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I got places to go, got people to see
The penitentiary ain't the place for me
I'm warning you do not tempt me
I'll run up and squeeze it, put a hole in you (hole in you).
{*repeat 2X*}

[Verse 1]
You mistakin' me for somebody that you should be testin'
You should be stressin' I'm fittin' to fuckin' teach you a lesson
Rap 101's in session,
Em laced the track that I'm blessin'
Smith and Wesson's the weapon in case you was guessin', ... (?)
It's kept in my Benz, hot beginning to end
Watch the 22s spin
, My hoes they perfect ten
I got shot up but I got up and I'm back at it again
Motherfuckers that thought I wouldn't win pretend to be friends
At first you fail, try, try, try, try again
I'm the best don't you get it, forget it, when I spit it, it's crazy
You love it, admit it, you like that I live it, it's Shady
Aftermath in your ass bitch!
If it's not a classic, when it's done we trash it
Flow I got it mastered
Stunt and get yo' ass kicked, bastard
When measures get drastic
Glocks made out of plastic
Cock it, aim it, blast it!
Run nigga, now stash it!

I got places to go, got people to see
The penitentiary ain't the place for me

I'm warning you do not tempt me
I'll run up and squeeze it, put a hole in ya (hole in ya) {*repeat 2X*}

If there's a genie in a bottle of that Dom Perignon
I'mma drink til I get to that bitch
Em and Dre gonna introduce me to the 'burbs, they gonna listen to my words
In the hood they feel my shit
- Break it down!

[Verse 2]
Picture a perfect picture
Picture me in a pimp hat
Picture me starting shit
Picture me busting my gat

Picture police mad they ain't got a picture of that
Picture me being broke
Picture me smoking a sack
Picture me coming up
Picture me rich from rap

Picture me blowing up
Now picture me going back
To my momma's basement to live, shit
Picture that!

Where I'm from it's a fact, you gotta watch your back
You wear a vest without a gat, you's a target jack
Hustle hard, money stack, sell that dope, sell that crack
Sell that pack, sell that gat, sell that pussy, holla back!

50 Cent, too much Henny, man I'm bent, I'm outta here!

[Hook]{*repeat 2X*}

Ha ha, man I ain't' going to jail, not even to visit a nigga
You wanna holler at me, you write me

Matter of fact, you gotta send it to Sunset Blvd up in the Mondreal
Riding around in one of Dre's Ferrari's, nigga
Oh matter fact, I might be in Detroit, riding down 8 Mile Road
You know, in one of Em's joints and shit, ya heard

I got places to go man, ya know
Shady Aftermath, we fittin' to start printin' money

, ha ha ha
Putting Em's faces on these motherfuckin' bills, shit, ha ha ha ha
Ain't shit you can do about it...

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