50 Cent – Redrum (Murder) Lyrics

Produced By: Nascent

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{"Doesn't really matter - us"}
No, it don't fucking matter
{"Doesn't really matter - us"}
We gon' do it my way
{"Doesn't really matter - us"}
From here on out it's my way

187 in motion
Hammer cocked when I'm coastin', yeah
187 in motion
Hammer cocked when I'm coastin'
Redrum, redrum
Fuck with me it'll be murder one
Redrum, redrum
One shooter, ten shots, one gun
This is redrum
{"Oh, it's too late, oh, it's too late"}

[Verse 1]
If I hit him I'll hurt him, I just catch him and murk him
I'm not sitting here waiting for him to come back, nah
Soon as I spot him I got him, I'mma run up and drop him
Get that P-90 popping, nigga hold that, uh

I get the gun and they running, niggas know me for dumbing
I got a good reputation, what the fuck can I say?

Some of these niggas is bitches, yeah, most of 'em snitches
So I don't let 'em know it's me doing dirt when it's me

I know just how to work it, I can make it go perfect
Have the homicides sitting there scratching their head

To me a victim's a victim, you could pay me and pick 'em
Then I hunt him down and take his head off like I dare ya


[Verse 2]
I bet you think that I'm vicious, catch you hugging and kissing
While the love's in the air I put a hole in your heart

Plus so now that I'm missing, I'm a fucking magician
You might find my DNA all over your broad
Me and my cannibal methods, I eat you niggas for breakfast
See the cannon respect it, nigga, take off the chain (now)
Robberies turn to murder, I do shit you ain't heard of
Change my mind and just pop you in a blink of an eye

I know you thought I was bluffing, but to me this is nothing
Now you can lay there leaking, go 'head curl up and die
You tell God when you see him I'll be happy to meet him
I went to service this evening, he forgives, not I


It's murder
Nothing but murder

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