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Big and some Pac and you mix them up in a pot
Mix them up in a pot, mix them up in a pot
Take some Big and some Pac and mix them up in a pot
Mix them up in a pot, what the fuck do you got?
Big and, Big and some Pac and you mix them up in a pot
Mix them up in a pot, mix them up in a pot
It's Big and some pac and you mix em up and you got
Juggernauts of this rap shit, like it or not

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
I got a gambling problem
I bet you niggas I'mma be back bustin'
But you won't notice me when that gat dumpin', you wan' bet?
I lost money when I bet on Roy
Won money when I bet on Floyd, I'm the one that bet on boy
Undefeated, eyes low like I'm weeded
I bet you niggas think I won't be number one again
I raise the stakes, you know why I put mo' on the line
It's showtime I'm goin' for my mine, you can bet that
I bet that tech jam before that mac
I bet that dope go before that crack, I bet my money stack
I bet yo bitch wanna roll with 50
I bet if I said I'm going to the hotel she'd go with me

I bet you really love her man you think she wouldn't come
She got your pussy wooped, her head game, it got you sprung
I'm taking all bets, through all sets I be a bookie
That have to be ten percent off the top, fucking rookies


[50 Cent]
Fifty! (fifty!) Ohhhh! (Ohhh)
I wanna bet y'all niggas, it ain't gon' be
The old niggas like me!
Trust me, I came up hard! (came up hard!)
All you gotta do is go through my hood
Southside, niggas like me all up and down there
On the corners, in the penitentiary, they from southside
Yeah, they ain't on the top of the charts
They don't know the formula, they ain't on the hot 500

They like me!


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