• DO format the lyrics Rap Genius style

from Rap Genius – Contributor Guidelines Lyrics on Rap Genius


Rap Genius takes pride in its hygienic lyrics. Make sure that any songs you add are up to RG standards, especially when copying from other lyric sites.

  1. Follow the style guide. The Add New Song page has some basic guidelines on spelling and grammar, labeling song sections ([Verse 1], [Hook], etc), and dealing with intros and outros. Read them and follow them.

  2. Don’t repeat lyrics. If a song contains repeated lyrics (such as hooks and bridges), don’t write them out in full each time. Write them out once, label them, and then use the label whenever they come up again.

  3. Do transcribe lyrics like a poem. Every bar should have its own line, other sites don’t respect the art!

  4. Don’t annotate lyrics in place. On other sites you’ll often see references or literary devices highlighted in the text itself, for example:

Rap Genius has a built-in (and far superior) way to do this. So strip out any special characters or formatting and write the lyrics normally.

­5. Do transcribe the lyrics the way that they’re said. For instance, if French Montana cuts off the g at the end of “balling”, write it as “ballin'.” This is important in terms of making sure the rhyme scheme is correct, as well as maintaining an accurate transcription of the lyric.

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