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[Verse 1: 21 Quest]
There's a war going on outside no one is safe from
So they load love bullets and they hate guns
Spray sons and daughters betray them
Cause the most important thing is the pocket that pays them
I swear if any of my fam get hurt, im there
Im just telling the truth cause when you walking in the hood
It could be any block, you just hope you don't get shot (im good)
Shit, I lived another day walking out the projects
See my man on summerstage ripping up a concert
Told him that I seen a girl, man I been on her
He told me that I need a girl, i'll tell you when I find her
I'm a New York native, ninety-one is when I came in
Queens I'mma need some participation! (yeah, c'mon, c'mon)

I said pick up a bottle, hope it ain't hollow
For my niggas up in heaven, I'mma see you when it's time though
Im just trying to fix shit, glad we existed
To all my ladies in the crowd;
Go Ballistic (ay)

[Verse 2: Eleagle]
I know how mad feels, I know how bad feels
Cash rules, nah cash kills
That's why I bash bills
This dimebag is the only ten I see, Nashville
Mad pills, you wish that I was talking about my advil
My depression will awake a DJ scratch like a rash will
They tell me keep my head up, tell a giraffe chill
I stay fed up, like it was my last meal
Rap skills is that real to move you while you stand still
Rap boys number one, im still that choice
Where they light trees like christmas and pull back toys
Your aura is mourning you and when they mourning you, you're still that moist
Murder she wrote, library kill that noise
Ill rap boys, chillin on them church steps, reverse def
We liver than a baby's first breath
Like go ballistic, go ballistic

[Verse 3: Matt Cronin]
We go ballistic, we go ballistic
My lifestyle is catching up with me, my lifestyle is catching up with me
Fixed on this poverty mindset, sittin shallow in a 40
Eyes red, only puff the finest
Car wash, open up the hydrants
Block party barbequing and everyone's invited
We in the streets, go ballistic
Public property, no addmission
Uh, I haven't seen a sober day in weeks
Partying moterboating bitches by the fleets
Different dialects of slang, the code that we speak
Spotlights, city lights, bodegas never sleep
Train breaks be screamin' through the night and we just tryin' to live our life

I said pick up a bottle, hope it ain't hollow
For my niggas up in heaven, I'mma see you when it's time though
Im just tryin' to fix shit, glad we existed
All my ladies in the crowd;
Go Ballistic (ay)

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