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[9th Prince]
Aiyo, I terrorize Dawson's Creek, the black sheep
My thoughts is so deep, recite rhymes in my sleep
Some call it sleep talking, I call it sleep flowing
Glocks and AK's, grenades and tech nines
Hot lead from the rhyme, paralyze your spine
Shine like divine, killing mankind
Verbal intellect, yeah, you gotta rewind
Like the hands of time, or get shot in your brain
Bullets falling out your mind, the brown skinned Arabian Sandman
Shine like the sun, my fans catch tans
My CD's contraband, yeah, multiple shots hit the Billboard
Shatter your SoundScan, yeah, I see right through your schemes and plans
It's a wrap like smashing rubberbands

[Hook 2X: sample w/ ad-libs]
Father in love, father in day
Father, take the guns away
Father and teacher, live the life
For my people, in the sky

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, niggas wanna murder Born Prince Allah
But I drive around in bulletproof cars
Armani suits, Gucci boots
Walk with a bop, and whistle like a flute
I blew like Caesar, money receiver
No matter old school or new school skeezers
Vocalubary leaking through the speakers
Granddaddy Flow sneakers, rest in peace to Grym Reaper
Verbal nine millimeter, assassinate through the media
Pussy is sweet, but yeah ya'll niggas is sweeter
I slay comrades, they roam like nomads
Raspberry blue Jag', bulletproof tinted glass
In case snipers wanna snipe that ass
Camouflage lime green fatigues
Show my daughter how to bust a gun, at 13
I'm a Staten Island from the old school like Cold Chillin'

[Hook 2X w/ ad-libs]

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