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[Intro: 9th Prince]
I raise cain, yeah, it's like that

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, Slumdog Billionaire, only God I fear
Grey hairs in my beard
After the Laughter, comes Tearz, long dick spear
Three course of course, but you can still see the size of my rear
Louis Vutton don, I cause explosions like protons and electrons
Destroy any MC like Papoose and Saigon
Oh my God, 9th Prince is so hard
Not because, I was locked up behind bars
Or I, hung with the bloods in Auburn yard
It's because, I've been through hell and came home with no scars
Kidnapped the rap game, where I'm from niggas kill over money and fame
Platinum chains, bitches, and cocaine
0-9 to 0-10, I raise 'cain

[Hook 4X: Bruce Springsteen "Adam Raised a Cain" sample]
Adam raised a cain

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, custom made autos, custom made clothing
Custom made motorcyles
Incarcerated disciples, released from prison
Master the street, shotout to Broadway planes
And Hollywood squares on New Year's Eve
Rappers better duck and hide
When I glide in the SL 500
Twin forty fives on my side
Bulletproof ride, a weak nigga pride can turn into a homicide
That's a jewel, I learned from the old school
Money, clothes and hoes, a number one rule
I got the eyes of a calm killer, behind Bagarmi shades
I push through in a snow storm, in a bulletproof Escalade
Bring to war, enough ammo, to go in a rampage
Fresh out the steel cage
Locked up with them Brooklyn niggas, caught in the rage, I raise cain

[Hook 4X]

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, metaphors, make whores lay on the floor
Slow down bitch, I'mma give it to you raw
Knock knock, who the fuck's at the door?
It's me Sawed-Off, last name Shotgun
You caught that? Bang, bang, now catch that one
I'm the Supreme, walk with a lean, that's real mean
And rise from the streets like Sting
It was all a dream, catch New York is back
All others can retire, and just relapse
I'mma count my stacks, send shots through your fitted hat
It's like that black, carrying Shaolin on my back
Niggas thought I fell off the map
But the truth is, I was locked up in the trap
With killas and hustlers, spot rushers
Drug users, drug pushers, yeah we all contributers
Muthafucka, I raise cain

[Hook 4X]

[Interlude: 9th Prince]
Yeah, you know what it is, man
Sit the fuck down, stop being clowns
You know what I mean, we go round for round
Pound for pound, sound for sound, you know
9th Prince, I raise cain, muthafucka
I'mma outta here, yeah, see you next year, or this year
Another atmosphere, one

[Hook 4X]

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