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[Verse 1]
I daydream pretty women out in Beijing
Paris Celine hop up in that Saline

I chase dreams, white man but the face green
Same thing 'err day, 'err thing gleam
Fuck my reply, the bank do the statements
Had me with my savings, I was saving in my savings
Two or three bedroom shack I was raised in
The condos out in Jersey full of Jay West paintings
Talk to the boy how you talk to the Lord
Talk to these broads how I talk to my dog
Marc Jacob plates, Margiela rugs
My boys make smores out you marshmallow thugs
Hop up out the first class, hop into that E-class
Cut raw, cut school, I ain't ever see class
If so, I was cutting in my nigga Steve's class
School of hard knocks, graduated with a G pass
G-Code, Street code, fake niggas; cheat code
Niggas trying to turn fake shit: green, cheap gold
I dont know how they do it for the freak show
But I ain't even go beast mode

So we toast

[Verse 2]
Fuck the pearly gates, I'm hanging by the steps
Cause my target is my goal and I'm aiming for the best
I'm good at what I do, but I'm coming for the best spot
On the road to greatness, success is the next stop

I dont even rest, (Nah) even at a rest stop
I toast with the Gods, tell these haters take they best shot
I'mma be that motherfucker 'till my breath stop
I guess for now call me step pop

[Verse 3]
We toast for the night and drink for the day
The god shed a tear providing us rain
What a shame from the pain cause we used to being slaves
Made a change from the whips, shackles and the chains
But nowadays man seem a little strange
Trade his soul for the whips and the chains, what a change!

No, I couldn't tell you what the difference is
But I could tell you what the business is
I was getting dividends, probably spending Benjamins
Both kind of synonyms, in the same sentences
Tell me what a good Christian is
Better yet; When Christmas is
Waiting on my presence, I must be a gift from heaven
Cause im toasting with the Lord, somebody let the bitches in

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