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[Verse 1: A. Gray]
The truth is covered
A war that makes me suffer in my heart
Our lives were numbered from the start
We can't recover and depart
So now we gunners in the parks
Coerced to puncture and hover
Fuck the suburbs and the blocks
It's for the coloured and the darks
When I was younger they would wonder
Was I smart by my people
Knew dose is lethal, I won't be slave to a needle
Can't be saved through the evil
Was makin' brothers that sick floss
Fuck civilians making business with Rick Ross
And fuck a million, are we through with the proof?
You can screw with right and wrong but I'll stay true to truth
Until they crew the noose, all cause they can't allow my wishes
If it ain't true, I guess I'm proud and ambitious
How they made it taboo to speak against the judicious
Cause they the ten with a clue, and we the five dodging prisons
I'll be a sly dog in rhythm
Authority sells commodities
Minorities ain't worth the economy

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