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[Madd Dogg]
I’m cancerous, like cigars without a filter
Dangerous, like cars without speed-o-meters
Brainless, serial killa skills need this
Careless, freewill and real, ripper ideals
Bee Bop you and make your head as hot as a teacup
Hip Hop, is the thing I love the most and read of
Beat up, every guy in club fight tonight
Make em cry as I hit em with my right might
Weed up, stimulation to bite the mic
The next Canibus, lyrically kill you and cut you to pieces
Really willing to cut your sons, daughters, nephews and nieces
See the demons in me? You die they start feasting
Blacked Out, can’t see nothing, I’m just beating
People, God Of War, my rage is self-eating
A2K.on some really heavy shit
You know me, I'mma gonna fight til I kill it

Smoked kush once before
Why didn’t I fuck that whore?
Known as the second virgin since mary
I know it’s pathetic, it’s scary
I was bout to hit the shower
Then these hours came by
About to write a poem then my thoughts just came flyin
Having abstract dreams of a triple beam
Aiming at a team for trying to be seen
Nah mean?
You get with the scene
Can’t help being ill
Cause the squads are for real
Run up in a club, fuck up some folks
Make em choke
For making a hoax
About the world ending, then send'
Em to the next motherfucker
Who wanted to chuck her
Making sure we confer…
Sounding irrelevant till we eventually form a development, what?! you got a speechifying impediment?
Sucks for you, y'all motherfuckers know what to do!

[Slim Natey]
Fists are colliding, shit’s being thrown from left to right
Some bitch I called a pussy left so I’m right
Alright where’s the fight? it’s everywhere slap
My fist is cocked back I’m on the attack
With a brand new rap thats sure to amaze
Like a forest of weed and hippies, its all ablaze
In this mosh im on a pedestal, making marks fly
Like Wiz Boxing and airplane, I’m so damn high
Can’t feel the shots to my limbs and blows to my chest
Cuz I’m punkin other mutherfuckas left with lifelessness
But I regress to this contest
Set the alarm off so we can build this fire up in this riot do you feel me?
A bomb goes off BOOM but no one stops to see
Cuz we got our own fights to fight, swinging blindingly
This ones kids face used to be all nice and white
“fore I took it ,and turned the 5 Star fucker into blight
Now it’s bright, police sirens VOOM and I’m gone
Belonging to early morn' brawl c'mon!

New ice, roll dice, I just found a new life
No cops, head bops, this shit has gotten new strife
I go head in, feet up, last shot, Re-up
No time to stop now, bitches with D cup
People ain't shit on thee, rap posse sick emcees
Written deeds of twisted seeds, growin up as fucked as me
You ain't got a prayer in hell, close the doors, devils spell
Possessed and written verses flow, I ain't got shit to blow 5degreesOff..what do you know?
Ice and smack, throgh my veins, trippin balls, and flyin plains
Into massive weather veins, hallucinate through sickened manes
Mixtape for brawl desire, peak of this, I can't get higher
Produce for me, or get fuckin dropped. Rap janitor, get you mopped. Playin me, is playin spot, my Desire, is fuckin hot
Rx and dogg, on a verse, get your ass inside a Hurst
Fuck wit us, you gettin cursed, faces like you eatin liverwurst
Its just a bubble about to burst.. on the edge of insanity, pick up your verse beyond from me
A2K is the best you see, Aim 2 Kill wear a vest G

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