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[Verse 1]
I just touched down, touched down
Quarter after two, flight 102
I know it's late, real late
But I'm calling you, calling you
Tryna figure if I, I
Can, can
Come, come
See, see
You, can I come see you

I know you're sleep, you're sleep
But you're on my mind, my mind
And I'm wide awake, awake

And I wanna stop by, come on over
So can you get up and get out of the bed
Cause I wanna see you
And I been wondering

[Hook x2]
Can I come over, can I
Come over, stop by
Come over, to see you
Come over, tonight
Can I come over, can I
Come over, get wit' ya
Come over, just wanna
Come over, be with you baby

[Verse 2]
So tell me what the deal
You're not that far

I just got my bags
And I'm headed to the car
Say yes or no, cause I'm on the road

Um, wait a minute my battery's low...lemme, aight}
Baby, I wanna come see you
Said I really wanna come see you
Don't you worry about a thing
I'm just wanting to hold you
Embrace you, I want to
Look at you and tell you
How much I love you
I want you, I need you, I miss you

[Hook x2]

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