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Heres Something They Don't Want Told
Lil' Mama Applied For Med School
But They Didn't Like The Race
Of The Girl That Came Through

Who Are You To Tell Her That color
Changes what she do
Even Her Aunties Brother
Was Told He Was Uncool

But This Is Something
She Tries For
This Was Something She Would Die For
So Every Night She Would Cry More
So Lil' Mama Hold Your Head Up
Until The Prize is Home


At The End Of The Rainbow
Everything Will Be Alright When The Rain Goes
Lil' Mama I'll See You At The Rainbow
Everything Will Be Alright When The Rain Goes

This Fighting Music
Real Life Writing Music
People Like Lil' Mama
Can't Be Seen Buying In It

Who Care What The Color Of Your Skin Is?
Cause She Was Minding Her On Business
So Run For Cover
What You Gonna Do
When You Hurt Each Other
See The Damage You Dealt
Now Who's There?
Lil' Mama's Looking After Your Health!


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