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Che-che! che-che! Che-che!
Che-che-che-che! Ace!

Chorus 1

You ain't comin round here talkin all dat shit
Talkin 'bout you get all dem bricks

Ima have to come round your way
Nigga im real, you are too fake

And a pistol where ya mamma stay
Act like I dont know where you lay
Betta act right fo' I get uptight
Act up I'mma let the automatic spray

Chorus 2 (x2)

(Get 'em) Boy there he go
(Get 'em) Boy there he go
(Get 'em) Blaka Blaka Blaka Blaka
(Get 'em) Boy there he go

[Verse 1]
Hold up! Where they at, Khaled dont let me get em
Gun cocked, where his cheerin?
No talk, time to get him
Fake niggas gon' make me kill him
Make his body shiver like he naked in a river
Matter fact I'mma leave him in the river
Come and get him when its winter
Nigga holla back
I'm gutta, done told ya that
Rock boy bitch over bags
Say you movin them slabs of crack
See nigga you a lie like Pac is back
Man you niggas all crap and you homies won't last
Til your somethin like paper tags
Dont make me slide the mask
To save from blast, get his ass

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

[Verse 2]
Now let me get em when I walk up in the place
Put the pace in ya face, tell em gimme dat K
Fuck niggas and they really dont think
That I know where they lay, duct tape they face
Pop pop, unload dat K
Then we leave em and we find em in a couple of days
Pussy niggas know where you lay
Actin like I dont know where you stay
Runnin at ya mouth man ya niggas too fake
Tellin other niggas that you move them thangs
What?? he ain't bout dat lie
Huh?? he ain't got no stride
Naw, you ain't really grind
Leave em in the streets til the D boys find em
Dumb niggas and they huggin on the ground
In the middle of this town
We gon' G-G-Get 'em

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

[Verse 3]
Now who am I? Motherfuckers wanna know
When I pull up in that rov'
When they know that its over
Big holes in ya body like coasters
Creep! Creep! We deep wit soldiers
Black holster to carry that toaster
Hot head now they callin me folgers
But still creep in adidas wit the heaters, millimeters
Wanna see where yo family at
Pop! Pop! Just call me Ace
Slump niggas I'mma call you dead
Click! Clack! Now ya T-shirt red
Hand em a tampon
No batteries included know that the clip be hands on
It'll take yo mans arm
Leave his body slumped in the damn yard

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