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[Aesop Rock and Dose One]
This is not your ordinary ballad
With a perfect little bow around the middle
And a black knight on a white horse
Or a white knight on a black horse
It's got all these tired parts where
We don't even sing at random
Princess, raise the drawbridge
We don't serve your kind
It ends where it begins
And the beginning isn't pretty
Can't forget that not-so-perfect
Bow around the middle ('round the middle, 'round the middle...)

And it goes a little something like this..

[Aesop Rock]
New walk in a broken soul pedigree incessant
Gut the cruddy frame
The zealots enveloped inside the belly of the blame
Cut-throats the result of pope jokes soaked in poacher constants
And now the jewel emits cold, wander prominent.. honour (honour)
I bought up silkworms by the bucket like starter kits
So you first bought a stitch
Joined damaged mammoth brigading caper
Nurse the tantrum with a fantasy chaser
I keep the spare wings strapped to my fuses
In case the hackers snatch the plumage

[Dose One]
So you mean these things are worth money
Now drifting off
This is the who-you-calling-homeless
Mock me fearful
Twisted mighty fearful twisted and tonight I got front row seats at the d-d-d-d-dead concert
And you're in it, Ichabod (???)

Running out of morals for my allegory... (moseying)
My kind of people will sell only circles. (woseying)
With my eyes patched in a not so new universe
So I beckon and bray but my pretty bird just ain't muting the many...

[Aesop Rock]
Oh it'll be soon (real soon)
Balloon immune to doom blend
I ain't ditchin' the kitchen 'til every spoon bends
A glance along tomorrow, sorry
Looking lot of hopefuls was the rain dance
My little flint never dreamed would flood un-potable
See I sanitize nothing for the sake of contemporary taste
Contemporary taste made my lip drop in the first place (incoming)
Hmm, You want to be a Czar?, analyze fallen heroics
Recognize root of the worship, search and hold it
Who put the fun in dysfunctional?
I prodigal son combustible, donkey-punching pinholes
In uncomfortable Zen conjunctionals for good (good)
The bear cub slop a goblet of dirt wine
I nurse a single application of introvert, serpentine

[Dose One]
Now a sunset without a scrape of red an-an-and a plastic bag noise
Sunk down around his head sick-sick-sick-sick...
Stealing a peak
The sickness likeness in the roofer's eyes and his alone
And nothing terrible happened to the bag

Wrongs spilled off in...
And brought on out the clouds...
The hiss cuts out...
Spill its voice...
And the piano...
And the window full of...
Star is fresh... kept
From where I'm going... holy other
Holy other, holy other, holy other...

[Aesop Rock]
I've got charcoals in my heart, I've got charcoals in my heart
I've got charcoals by the armfuls that burn my armor apart
I've got charcoals in my heart, but I've got charcoals in my heart
I've got charcoals by the armfuls that burn my armor apart

[Dose One]
And before, when I said 'Shut the fuck up, it's none of your business'
That was to be in vain
You shoulda locked that up when you're all finished
Finished yet? Now uhm...
I usually finish this number with uh... my skull open

[Aesop Rock]
Everybody rally around the novel burners, spit, murder the matches
Where the junkies trade diseases and the gullible trade passions
Then the masses wanna lean on me like 'O Captain, my Captain'
Not considering maybe this oarman hosts orbit attachments...

[Dose One]
Button, button, who's got the button
Take my name, please...
Button, button, who's got the button
Leaks the little gentle man made of lightning inside my lock-box
Oh, you like to help with coats wait unti you see what I got in this here locket

[Aesop Rock and Dose One]
This is not your ordinary ballad
With a perfect little bow around the middle
And a black man on a white horse
Or a white man on a black horse
And I can't forget the not-so-perfect bow around the middle
Har-bour (???)

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