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Produced By: Blockhead

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I'm twice born, once in seven something
Once is the resurrection of honorable function
Been shoveling coal as the engine's doctor
Long enough to see my silhouette acquire a permanent kink in a posture

The maintenance of icicle spirit by the warmth of true endearment
Was, is, and forever will be a luxury

I'm a sovereignty columnist fathering doom document
Cursed version of a certain Virgin Mary womb occupant

Oh my lord, what have I gotten myself into?
It's like I woke up in yesterday again

[Verse One]
I know swamp rats who never suckled oxygen purification
Sure as blurry, mayhem had 'em spent (zen breeze)
Stuck until my friend leaves, puppet for the plummet committee
Sputtering bum, numb enough to stomach the city
Who's that hugging a silhouette of willows where a hill's crest pan out?
Bought a candy coated crab apples and sugar dipped death handouts

I got a plan, I'll tourniquet my quest
Defeat a needle into battling to mute the mess

With patience galas with absentee ballots I shove in the button
Strutting to exhibit mankind's hostility function
With a heave, paling in comparison a Matthias Goliath
Live the rickety frame in a wicked silence
I jot the day my nameless creator and I bumped eyelids
Swear to Christ we saw the same thing through a second
(What's that?) The grand mosaic depicting historical glory in a legend
Nurse me through the time stick and stone mixes hex my fertile crescent
Now all's well, I'm laughing on the inside I swear
Just trying to keep my head above red tide despair
My imperfections pair off with buddy system symmetrics morbidly
So every second the discontent's locked accordingly

Let's turn mummy's shut up affection a berserk glory condition
And pray for the day a star child tugs the ribbon
Better land a two-hand grip on that spoonful-of-sugar medical-chaser
Credible crazer-antidote's terrible taster

Water with a stolen soul peddler pigeon back feather pen
Never said a grin implied help

Consider me a mobile advertisement for that hybrid plan of fabrics
I deemed practical, now is you is or is you ain't compatible

I feel the wind in my opinions plus hyper clutch
Crush one's ginger bread tenement awful

It's like the day the great oak met the sawmill
A lifeline of spectacular expansion meets the reaper
At the hand of one mans tantrums

My friend's got a book about dreams, I look and laugh
I dream a book about my friends and still can't decipher the half

Chatterbox. Now let a soothsayer major cater to a king green
Battered on the brink of disease
I am, skin and bones, I am, sin and poems, I am, tin and chrome
You grin and groans fuck it I'm tinted when accreted zone
Blow the pedals off a dandelion trying to make my little gypsy blush
And felt as if I'd actually accomplish something
Fortify the bullies of the jokes soaking in treatment
Sit and watch the percentages teeter on the evening
Brought a ghost up in the fuselage a second before the cog dropped
Into Styx and stared him down until he fixed it

Oh, fashion, it's cool and all but what about God?
[Oh God, well he's the man, but what about reading?]
What, like novels, man that don't hold my attention, what about television?
[Television hurts my brain, how about walking in the rain?]
I hate walking, it's boring, how about some old fashioned gone fishin'
[Yeah, fishing's great but I just hate hooking the bait, lets dance]
I've got two left feet plus motion sickness, how about breakfast?
[Man, I'm hungry, but that means I'mma have to borrow some money]
Let's fly a kite
[Let's burn the generals]
Let's sell lemonade
[Let's drink]
Let's poke a hole inside the tugboat, ease on back and watch it sink
[Naw, lets kill a pupil once a year at random to shake the academy]
Casually note the blossom of phantom alignment strategy

[Verse Two]
I'll make the waterfall out of order in autumn saw the quarter
When the gods mimic the vintage knuckle drag sacked in a coffin
I affiliate my rag dummy appearance with a most cohesive spirit
Clattering the yesterday ain't shed a tear since
Hear me, wrote the Old Yeller community cartoon
The carousel balloon extravagant aware, inviting it
I'm swore to Adam and matter and saddling
Warhead thorax and abdomen to primitive horse back galloping
My index fingers rest in my talisman branded up in the jackals skin
One must pardon yee old common street detour
Weaving graceful through the prom directed column
Greater virus retreats to a lot in Valom
Bean stalk where the fiend walk and my name is mud
But that's got a ring to it so my soil welcomes the flood
I walk as God's practical joke on man practically broke
And if they raise my rent again I'll spend my nights practically soaked
Who spits silk dimensions through the noose looped by the rafters?
After lack of reasoning dead'em (It's like 3, 2, 1, Bedlam)
Oooh I'm hung, I've clung to hope I'll see you in hell
I'll be that clear blue icicle that simply refused to melt
Sturdy iron grillage, tin can skeleton
Skull of a thousand dilapidated dream remnants
Here to convict based on a tin bucket of evidence
That stairway to heaven's merely a legend so the peasants dream well

Blessed peasants dream well..
Blessed peasants just tryin to dream well

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