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[Verse 1]
Well I'm a man called Adam
Living in the future
I make all my tunes on a
I update my website daily
Interscope's the label that pays me

ADSL from the living room, connect to the phone
And I leave that shit running past six in the morning
Downloading songs, soft synths, software and episodes of South Park
Double you Double you Double you
That shit's the bomb!
They just uploaded, like, 36 songs
I'll rip that shit while I read about wrongs on blog sites
Sometimes I get so excited
Search for something, and I find it
85 gigs left
And the BPI haven't sued me yet

This is the way we ball
Tower PC
Wireless keyboard
Fruity Loops and Acid
Cracked off KaZaA
I love living in the future baby
This is the way we ball
Cable out the back
Phono two to jack
Into the amp then the speakers
I love living in the future baby!

[Verse 2]
Well we can scratch CDs, and MP3s
Instantly on this DZ1200 Technics

And if you think that we're lying then check this...
That was Bethan and Huw on Radio 1 the other night
The things we can do!
I burned that off the BBC website
(Birddogg: yeah rite)
Word Dogg!
Shame they didn't say Birddogg...
The rap Cannon and Ball
Bird Dogg and the Don and
This Is The Way We ball....


[Verse 3]
Well we can see
In bed
It's amazing
And we can watch
Being beheaded (it's true)
And we can call out Mums from the top of the bus
The same phone does sums takes photos and cooks
You can read books on em
I can't believe it's true!
But I was bored at the back of a gig
And so I read Sun Tzu's The Art Of War
It's 1984 times 2001
We got sliding doors
Computer games on planes
There's still Cops on Fox
And a cock like me can get on Top Of The Pops


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