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Once a dawg, always a dawg
Once a dawg, always a dawg
Once a dawg, always a dawg
Once a dawg, always a dawg
Once a dawg, always a dawg
Once a dawg, always a dawg
Once a dawg, always a dawg
Once a dawg, always a dawg

Licking my dick, this time you stunts
AMG, I'm back with the big butts
I clock dough when I rock shows
I don't pack fros, yo, I pimp hoes
State to state, ocean to ocean
Bustin my nuts why the tour bus keeps coastin
Bitches pay me, niggas play me
In the Jeeps or the fly Mercedes
I love ladies, but this one
Packs 'em out like a shotgun
Licks my johnson, so much satisfaction
She gives me tonsil action
Without asssskin, she does what others won't do
Yo, she keeps the residue
And if I ask her to do it again she says "when?"
With goo gums and nut drippin down her chin

Baby baby come and suck it up (Ahhh shit)
AMG giving you big nuts (Ultra-nuts)

So buck up ho, and give it a go
And just let it flow and open ya throat
Yes shes back lookin for a brand new dick to snack
You can never catch her on her back

Chorus: 2X [AMG]

It's Janine, Janine, Janine's a dick fiend
You know its Janine, you know its Janine
It's Janine, Janine, Janine's a dick fiend

Since you don't fuck I'ma see
Crack a forty O-Z of the O-E
Got a little tipsy, feelin kinda hiiiiggghhh
Dick on boner, starin at her thighs
Approach the ho, 'cuz were still friends
Then I seen her motherfuckin lip twitch again
I thought it was me, like BBD
I counted to three, then the bitch freaked
Was I to... A, run
B, stay and trip
C, smoke a philly
Or D, shoot the bitch
Gat was in place, finger was inching
Fully loaded, dick was still twitching
Wanted to run, so I dropped my gun
AMG, yes I'm almost gone
Back with the ho you know
Suckin dicks ga'lo
That come ??? with the open throa'


Peace, going out to 304
Peace, going out to Boss
Peace, going out to Mo' Dough
Peace, going out to EPMD
Peace, going out to Trouble Rock
Peace, going out to Gangstarr
Peace, going out to 2nd to None, High-C, and DJ Quik

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