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[Silver Synth]
The year is 2006
You will all proceed to the line
And be judged by the quality of your hair follicles
If it is dirty it will be washed

[- unknown -]
Yo, p-perm term, as I proceed
Deep into the greed of politics, bleed
Out the average asshole seed believe that the P.I. proceeds
All negativities beforehand, the future
As far as man can see, pan across the horizon
With the sun, fun with the chicks year 'round everyday Christmas comes
Year 'round profound players mack hits, on Cadillac
Perms, cut in layers with the Afro Sheen
A twist smells like cherries up in this bitch
Like the fearless fly, breakin these strawberries and all the Q shit
Get ready, wet set, blow dry
Curl rap, gleem shine, perfect like that O.G. pimp style
Wild child, since day one
Perm since seventy-one
Up on this shit it comes

I said perms, baldheads afros and dreads
Blondes, brunettes, braids and redheads
Party y'all, c'mon, all over the nation
I said perms, baldheads afros and dreads
Blondes, brunettes, braids and redheads
I said - c'mon, through all the nation, party y'all

[- unknown -]
Baldhead, #5, controversial watch the verse bend
All brains and soundwaves travel, see you in the next
Cause over here kids don't care
Baldheads with dreads, permed up, highed up
Smoke the power cable, my sound gut to the core
Blow your soundsystem, shut down your analog rough
Now we flow and make your neck hurt
Resale at 95, kid your weak steady party snuffs
Aiyyo, lifestyle plush complete
Universal, redheads with dreads
Brunettes beyond blondes, everything I own my own
I make yo' kid sing, make yo' kids swing
Bring the new millenium funk
I blaze one for the smokeout funk, we choke out
Razor sharp baldheads clean, 99 to infinity

[Hook] w/ minor variations

[Silver Synth]
The naughty knot twisted misfit to boogie bang
Let the dreads hang in the summer, time
Lime and aloe vera make 'em shine
Let a honey massage the scalp to ease my mind
Nuff respect-a, washed with the finest nectar
From the roots, my locks grow like bamboo shoots
When I'm at five thousand feet, they my parachutes
Got a click full of rasta that's quick to shoot
And that's a fact, a real dread don't need beeswax
Me a rudebwoy star, analog in fact
Chronic contact, you wanna blow, I got dem sacks
Nothin lower than a dub and it's the bomb at that
Let my top down, let the whole town, see my crown
Look at her expression when I took my hair down
Physique on point, chickens diggin my steez
Sil Synth, silky dreadlock, out with the breeze

[Hook] w/ minor variations

[Silver Synth]
Now that you have been washed, clean cut and shaved
You will procede to behave
Exit around the turnstyle
Go about your business in the Nu Nile

Analog, Brothers, 2005
Party, continue, c'mon y'all
Perms, baldheads afros and dreads
Blondes, brunettes, braids and redheads
Perms, baldheads afros and dreads
Blondes, brunettes, braids and redheads
All the nation

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