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Damn man..
Shoutsout to Glovvess and their sexy songs
Cause you know.. women.. huh.. you can’t live without them
And.. this beat reminds me of something.. or someone
Shoutsout to Jalaluddin Rumi too
And shoutsout to Conor Oberst also

I think I’m gonna sing this shit right now

I don’t know what went wrong I never know what it is that happened
But I think I did something wrong and now you’re acting like that, now you’re acting… that

I feel I know you before but it seems like I don’t know you at all
It’s so hard to keep this feeling in me cause it’s burning everything, EVERYTHING to the ground
It’s burning all the bridges inside of me
But I still do care of this feeling and I hope that you keep.. me in your mind
In your mind

This is truth I still have.. everything, my everything for you
This is truth I still keep feeling this.. thing for you

And I hope you know what we really doing
And what I think I am doing
And I think we know where this is heading

Most of all, I do want.. for you to still be my friend

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