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Man.. Rang De itu gila banget.. maksudnya..
Shoutsout to Rang De Again
Cause… this beat is sad as fuck man
[Rang De: it’s so emotional man!]
I feel so damn emotional
Shoutsout to Yung Lean Doer
Basedboy from Sweden
He’s a.. sadboy
I’m a sad boy too

Cause In my heart I feel so sad
I feel so sad man
I tell you why I feel so sad

I keep spinning in this thing that I don’t really understand
I keep going in the same damn trip and I never go out

I keep thinking about my life
I don’t know if I’m in the right track
But I just keep doing what I do
And I hope that you feel it too

TFW… okay never mind
Anyway… Yea
Yea.. I feel so..

Sometimes… if this I don’t know what to choose
Sometimes there are two doors in front of me and I don’t know if I’m entering the right one

I think.. I feel so weird sometimes
Sometimes it’s peaceful but still there’s a darkness looming over everything that I do or say
And I don’t like that feel
I hope you know that feel
So we can feel together
Yeah we all grow up together

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