Andy Milonakis – Here We Go Yall Cypher - Andy Milonakis Lyrics

Produced By: R Productions

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Fuck the cypher, cause I'mma shut it down bitch
So damn funny, you can suck on my clown dick
Suck on my brown dick, you are brown bitch
Put your weapons down cause you are surrounded
I just sounded better than most of these rappers that are pounded
Into our ears by the mainstream media
I'm gettin' speedier and speedier like Speedy Gonzales
Mixed with Christopher Wallace
Oh shit I got this, Andy Milonakis
Adopted in Compton
And he got the hottest toxic spit
Tic toc tic spit your cock sick dead
Rip your clit, suck a fuckin' duck dick
You've been abducted by L. Ron Hubbard's mother
And you loved it
I don't really care, I'm a breathin' heathen
Watch reruns of Even Stevens
Suck a duck dick, suck a duck dick, duck dick

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