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[Intro/Outro: Biggie Sample]
So you wanna be hardcore With your hat to the back, talkin' 'bout the gats (x6)

[Verse 1]
Man fuck I need a friend to fuck
When I had Ben Frank as a mento', pissin' on ya bench though
As it sits outside, my whole clique outside
Black ?? like we brick outside
It's a cold world (cold world) better buckle up
Harlem World in this bitch gotta double up
Youngest niggas doin' it, fuck y'all niggas ??
Old niggas losin' it, young niggas is movin' it
Trone that I'm crusin' in, shootin' for the stars
While I'm bobbin' to this cooler shit, and I'm on this stupid shit
Sittin' on this stupid shit, ?? got em doobie ??
High as a mu'fucka, fly as a mu'fucka
Twelvy the ??, let a nigga know that
Bullets ain't money, so I let a nigga hold that
Black chrome wit' a black mask, got a black flag
Yea we schemin' on yo black ass

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