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[Intro, pt 1]
We so nice right now, you see me?
Are you ready for the Greenhouse Effect?

[Intro, pt 2: Asher Roth]
A few college friends and I
Moved from West Chester, Pennsylvania
All the way down to Atlanta, Georgia
They called us ''The Roth Boys''
We had no idea what we were getting into...

[Intro, pt 3]
Roth Boy in the building, yeah
And the winner is... Ash Roth y'all, my man

The Roth Boys in the building tonight
Oh what a feelin', I'm feelin' nice
If you only live once and there's only one life
Then tonight might as well be the night

White boy on the beat, how surreal is that?
I mean for real he's the illest, I hate to kill the cat
But I am curious,
and they deserve this shit
So in flurries, I hit 'em with the furry fists
Fists of furry yo it's very yo I murder this
They stargazing like Copernicus, verdict is:

Not guilty, spit games so filthy
Cow girls all wanna milk me, will be
Pissed if he knew all the chicks that I hit
Chicks meaning tracks, are you sick?
Pigheaded, demented
Yeah, the seamen and freemen
Need to be at least a ten to get in
You're entering the lion's den

Let it begin, may the best man win
They passed on me from Pittsburg Slim
But in the end I am kickin' it with Steve Rifkind
Enough said
Well except... "Ayo, Steve, do you have enough bread?"
That's more like it
But what do I know? I'm just a white kid

And that's Langley
He's my side kick

The girls cheer when we're here, yeah they high kick

And if it's ball, I'd be Kirk Heinrich
JHawk beats like it's my shit, my shot

Shot clock, non stop, put it in they eye socket
This is routine like an outfield high pop
I eat my breakfast at IHOP
Scotch on the rocks
Look at me with they eyes cocked

Gosh this is nuts, man!
Ain't nothin' IHOP's seen in a while
This is wild
Even I'm shocked
So damn good, didn't know that I could
Feel a Ric Flair comin' on
Can I hear it?

The nature boy in the building tonight
Oh what a feeling, I'm feeling nice
You ain't even gotta bring your boyfriend out
It's the party of the year
We dancin' on the couch (We on the couch, couch...)
Let your hair down baby, let it go
Figga with jigga figga da jiggamo
Figga jigga bitter cause he didn't know
But when has a Jigga decision ever gone gold? (I dunno man)
Let the trumpets blow
Low and behold for those who don't know

Ash Roth in the building tonight
Oh what a feeling I'm feeling nice
You ain't even gotta bring you boyfriend out
We can turn the lights off and play "Who's in your mouth?" ("Who's in ya mouth?", mouth...)
Better beat since I moved down south
To the A add an S and an H and we out
We in the south
Yeah we bounce
Laughing, like yes, that just happened
Now that's what I call rapping

You half ass cats, where's your hallway pass?
You ain't allowed out, get back to class!

I'm kickin ass and taking names
This is the same thing that happend on Renegade
I came here to entertain
Cause I ain't never afraid
Say on anything
Oh, Why am I gettin' paid?
Obama for president, in two thousand and eight, Ayyy

The Roth boys in the building tonight
Oh what a feeling I'm feeling nice
If you only live once and there's only one life
Then tonight might as well be the night (man)
It might as well be the night
It might as well be the night
It might as well be to-night


Alright that's it
I hate when rappers rap for like 5 minutes
I just, have an attention span of zero
So bring those horns in and let this whole celebration
Mellow out, and we'll take it to the next chapter

Hottest verse of two thousand, thousand
How long is that?
Rapper of the year, rapper of the decade, and I ain't even a rapper

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