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You make it seem like making money a fairy tale
Your cream lite im getting cheese like a dairy dale
F*** if your team tight ill getchu where you sleep like freddy chill
The steam pipe have you leeking a bloody trill

The sceam rite im trynna see bout eleven mill
No time to chill my niggas is hungry
You and your mans food
Play a part in my tommy
Take wait yah can't lose
Build it back in to money
Tell me summin I can't do
Ill look back at you funny
Nothing new to me honey
Suited with money
Is the casual for me

Thers gone be haters
But I gotta do what I have to homie
A bullet can be your equal collateral
Keep two birds on me yah parrot food
Mess around ill planet your brains on latitude
Since your thoughts pertain to my remains
Let me inherit a few cough up the ice the gold
I carrot flu you super mario niggas I put the barrow to

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