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[Intro: P.Diddy + (B2K)]
We sendin' this one out
To all the ladies all over the world
All those sexy mama's
C'mon c'mon and c'mon now
As we proceed, to give you what you need (yea)
You know I like it when your body go
(Bump, bump, bump)
Bad Boy, B2K
Yo O talk to 'em playa

[Verse: Omarion + (P.Diddy)]
I like ya little sexy style
Love it when you getting wild
Girl in the club with me
(I'm over here, let me talk to you for a minute
I need to tell you something)
Girl you need to be in magazines
Wear a crown on your head cause you a Ghetto Queen
Like bling bling bling (uh, you fine girl)
The way you shaking that sexy ass
Your body shaped like an hour glass
Baby we need to spend some time (yea, let's do it y'all)
I wanna get you to myself
Me and nobody else
And do the things we do
Baby there is something that I need from you

[Hook - 1: B2K]
Baby turn around
And let me see that sexy body go
Bump, bump, bump
(That is all I want to see
Baby show me, show me)

Baby turn around
And let me see that sexy body go
Bump, bump, bump
(The way you're throwing that thing at me
I can't take it baby)

[Verse: Omarion + (P.Diddy)]
I love the way you teasin me
Gonna have to stop pleasing me
While we're on this floor
(Stop teasin me baby, I want you)
Ooh yea, you're kicking it round and round
I love the way you put it down
You're makin me scream for more
(Gimme more, don't stop, c'mon)
Put ya 2-way next to mine
Baby hit me anytime
You and me behind closed doors
You about to be my main squeeze
Take trips, cop shinny things
Girl just come with
Now mama go 'head do the damn thing

[Hook - 1] {*w/ ad libs*}

[Verse: P. Diddy]
Dance for nothin mami
Plans to take her by me
Get on the floor
Make it bump more, shake it mami
Let's ride I'm ya Clyde you can be my Bonnie
See you the type for me
Mami, so right for me
Man she can move it
Love when she dance to the music
Make me wanna stand like a pool stick
Hands is the smoothest
Just a simple touch make me lose it
Girl that's enough stop movin'
Now bump that, I pump that
Girl bring it to me bump that
I wanna that girl sing it wit me like
La la-la la-la la la la, La la-la la-la la la la
So let's do it again mami
You and a friend mami
Money ain't a thing
Look, what I gotta spend mami?
Put up ya hands for me
That's how you dance for me
Shake it like ya can hunnie
Take it from your man mami, yea

[Hook - 1] (2x) {*w/ ad libs*}

[P.Diddy] {*over chorus second time*}
B2K, Bad Boy
They call me Diddy
Yea, Dave Mack you got one now baby
Don't stop now, hah!
I see you Chris

You know I like it when your body go (yea)
Bump, bump, bump
(C'mon, don't stop let's go, let's go)

[Hook - 2: B2K]
Baby turn around
And let me see that sexy body go
Bump, bump, bump

C'mon, let's go
C'mon, let's go
And another one

You know I like it when your body go (and another one)
Bump, bump, bump

C'mon, it's "pandemonium!" baby
Let's go, yea

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