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[Verse 1: Baby E]
They wanna know if I'm in town and I tell 'em I'm outta state
I just touched down, yeah, I landed in L.A
Hit the homies up in Vegas, I'll be there the next day
They wanna know where the party's at, I said, "I'm on my way"
Now, luggage is now been unpacked
Yeah, I left, told 'em, said, "I'm never comin' back"
Everybody's missin' me, I miss them too
But I'll be on my grind 'till my dreams come true
Sold my soul to rock 'n' roll and I ain't look back since
I'mma leader, never followin' my own footprints
Everybody always told me I was destined for greatness
And I believe I am, I ain't cocky, just playin'
See, but I'm like, "fuck it"
The only difference between me and your favorite rapper is a budget
That's just for right now though, y'all watch your way

[Hook: Baby E]
Tell everybody at the top, they gon' miss that flight

[Verse 2: Chop]
So I woke up ridin' in another charter
The blueprint, I rebirth into another Carter
Locked down, can't stop a businessman, I hustle harder
A hundred in a stack of ones, I'm the top dollar
Now err'body on my jock like (?)
Where was everybody at when Chopup was a loser?
Nobody was around when a nigga won't hot though
I make my city famous off the wins: Chicago
I do this for my family, that don't mean blood relation
You the fam when you supportin' the blood split in every statement
We sip Sherry cause the view is so amazin'
The rock of Gibraltar ain't breakin'
I'm on another level, and its plane ain't over
Got the liquor and the crew, and a girl I wanna motor
Wake up to new cat, like I can't stay sober
It's a movie and tomorrow we filmin' that hangover


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