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Here's a toast to the ones I love the most
Everybody that I run with, doin' (?)
Here's a middle finger to my haters
Everyone who's ever doubted me and said I'd never make it, yeah
I been way too busy for the nightlife
I be in the studio, singin' 'till the sunrise
Music is the only thing I've ever had or known
So I tell my story from (?) microphone
Look and listen, pay attention, I'm about to start a movement
Young man on a mission with a point to be proven
Just open your mind and let your soul start groovin'
Groovin', groovin', groovin', yeah, yeah
It's time to make a change for the better
Life, she can be a bitch if you let her
Gotta be a mover and a shaker, go-getta
Gotta (?) never get fed up
Never slow down, never let up
Keep your chin high and your head up
Gotta find the pieces of the puzzle
Gotta put an end to the struggles
Never let a dream fall apart, dawg
We can call a day of celebration
We can put an end to the hatred
And I'm so close I can taste it
And I don't need a doc, just patience
No one ever said that it was easy
But you can't back down and be defeated
I can feel it in the air that I'm breathin'
I'm waking up and I'm feelin' like I'm dreamin'
Rollin' in my Mustag, pretendin' it's a Murciélago
Feelin' (?)
Chillin' with some wannabe models
In a hot-tub, pretendin' it's a grotto
In the fast lane, livin' life full throttle
Livin' like I know I'll never get to see tomorrow
The only thing that's promised is whole lotta consequence
Hope and praying that these dreams I'm chasing, they'll come true someday
Time is all you need, at least that's what they say
I just hope to cross the fine line between good and great
The fine line between good and great

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