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[Verse: Beanie Sigel]
First thing, started a commission
Jay started rock glide
Me, I’m with the pot squad
You see, I had a vision
More than this dissin’ in battle when I position
I was on a bigger mission like Foreman and Coalition
For six straight years we held the top position
But here come the glitch in the system, Jay missin’
He on vacation so we’re catchin’ a tan
And they ain’t givin’ out executive positions to can
And I think to myself like ‘damn, that’s a slap of the cheek’
Not for me, at least for Bleek
But every clothes I ain’t sleep but I shot mine
My mouth too and I ain't speak, I played possum

[Hook: Queen]
Show must go on
The show must go on yea
Each time my heart is breakin’
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile, still stays on


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