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Produced By: Big KRIT

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[Hook: Big Krit and Ashton Jones]
Cause we could be kings and queens
And highs and lows and wires and vogues

And anything that goes
And together we, are closest
It was meant to be, you're chosen

The best, I know, I know
Cause we go good together baby
Cause we go good together baby
Cause we go good together baby
Cause we go good together baby
Cause we go good together

[Verse 1]
I'm talking early morning fresh
Get up, get out and get gone
Thank God for the sun and the chrome
That I pushed when we rolled
In that Brougham or Fleetwood 'Lac de Ville
Goosebumps trunk, yeah it gave ya chills
Popped up twice just to show your grill
Left the comfort of her home to roll with me
Cause she was searching for something real

I be that nigga, be that fresh
Leave that lame, be with a winner
Relieve that stress

Jump online, I free your mind
We don't need no dime, at least not mine
Spend this check
Buy that Benz or ride that Lex and drape our necks

Like kings and queens
Cause if you down to shine, I make love to your fertile mind
Till you conceive my dreams


[Verse 2]
Let me be your one stop shop
Fill you up when you on E

Pick you up when you want feet
Be your guide, I be your eyes
When you can't see, I be your air
When you can't breathe

I give you game but it ain't free
You gotta be down for the play

When we up, we can shine, but prepare for the grind
Cause the Lac could break down any day
Would you be willing to hit licks?

I ain't the type to boast and nitpick
But it takes some hard work to get rich

It's a small risk to rock the red bottoms and bop the fresh fits
What you want, what you need
Gotta have, when we shop, gotta grab
Never hear, put em back, in fact
Just be careful how you spend you cash


Just like highs and lows
Sub-woofers and vogues
We go good together, baby
We go good together, baby

Just like wires and vogues
Neon trunks and glow
We go good together, baby
We go good together, baby


Enjoy the fruits of your labor
The spoils of war
There's no harm in indulging
In the things that life has to offer

There comes a time in every king's life
Where the wine flows in abundance

And the tables are set
Feast and be thankful

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