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[Verse 1]
They got me wondering if I'll ever get up out this cage
A man is trapped, forever lost in this endless maze
And then they wonder why we kill each other
He out for mine cause he ain't got shit, so I can't trust my brother
For some niggas it's that crime shit, okay it gotta pay
Reality is, it's sad to say, but there ain't no better way
And if a nigga got a problem with what I do for mine
Tell him to walk some miles in my shoes, then work a 9 to 5
That music shit running low, even though I give my all
Authority ain't my best friend, at times I just want to kill my boss
And I'd be a lie, nigga, if I said I ain't do no dirt
Trying not to embarrass my folk because my family's first
And I ain't never the type to back down from no challenge
And again I never took on more shit than I could handle
Some niggas was born to win and some were born to lose
I felt like I was dealt a bad hand, but I paid my dues

It seems that I'm condemned, to live a life of sin, cause I ball, shorty(?)
When will my troubles end and happiness begin?
Can you chain my heart?
I swear I had enough, but I never gave up, even though this world so tough
I'm holding on to me, a rapper with a dream, I hope y'all feeling me

[Verse 2]

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