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(Ronnie Spencer)
Mmmmmm.hhhhmmmm we balling
And parlay yea Moe-yo

(Chorus:Big Moe & Ronnie rp2x)

We ball and we parlay

I told ya this time
That we top of the line

(Big Moe)
System, Navigator on the southside
We melt them trays yea hit it in the six
That purple stuff wit a cup of the mix
That sounded so throwed and believe it so throwed
I can't believe its so slow
Windows closed cruise control wit some lil doe
Bout to loose her clothes there she go
Ho tripping again she pancaked I flipped 8
And let me flip her again
Its been a long, long time coming
But it won't be a long time for long huh

(Bridge:Big Moe)
Everytime I come around what do I see?
I see ghetto dreams coming true
Everytime I'm coming down on things
Top down everyday got to ball and parlay

(Big Moe)
Throw a duece when you see me Big Meezy
I make the game look easy sit up on my grind
Stay up on my toes slip-slipped out the do'
Frosty so cold like its deep in southpole


(Billy Crook)
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday parlay
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday parlay

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