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Do it again and i'll see you tomorrow
I wanna get it, You've got something to borrow
Give me, Give me right of my own
Cause when I throw you on again
I buy it but it don't measure up
What is the missing ingredient

I, I see you fade
I, I see you fade away
I, I see you fade
I, I see you fade away

[Verse: Big Sean]
Yea, Yea, Aye
I went from no Role Models to onto Road Models
So please do not tell me who the hell I should follow

I used to watch Puff pop gold bottles
Now they see anotha' Sean pop more bottles

Bitch I go full force, Skywalker
You, You Lukewarm.. I am your father

Sometimes you need a new deal depending on your cards
But if you talkin bout' the right cards
My hand is
And naw I caint' tell you my secret
Cause if I did then you wouldn't need me bitch

B.I.G. known so widly. ( Wat.? )
I went and threw away my I.D

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