Bingo Players – Get Up (Rattle) Lyrics

Produced By: Bingo Players

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[Verse 1: Far East Movement]
This house party is crazy
My crew is hella wavy
Yo, flip the cup, then say what's up
Then slide out with your lady
No ifs or buts about it
My style is technotronic
Got grips of models, so spin the bottle
Girl I'm just getting started

[Hook: Far East Movement]
Get up, get up, get up
Pump the volume, feel the bass
Get up, get up, get up
Turn me on and let me do my thang
Get up, get up, get up
We in the house and we here to stay
Get up, get up, get up

[Verse 2: Far East Movement]
We be raging round the clock
Feel that bass around the block
Fill that red cup to the top, birthday shots
Doesn't matter, who you are, look around, we in the stars
Round the world, we party hard
We go all night strong until we drop

[Hook: Far East Movement]

[Bridge: Far East Movement]
Put your hands, put your, put your hands up
Put your hands, put your, put your hands up
Put your hands, put your, put your hands up
Get up

[Verse 3: Far East Movement]
We ain't going home, It's 6 in the morn'
This house is bumping, grinding get the friction on
We ain't going home, even when the lights come on
This house is bumping, banging still going strong
Get up

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