Bishop Nehru – You Stressin Lyrics

Produced By: Disclosure

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[Verse 1]
The master of the 16 bars and leaving rappers starving
Sickening punch lines leave em salty like almonds
Join em all in showing love people on him
Hold applause in till after let the bars in
To your noggin this rap game I'm conquering
Six 16's left teens fleeing from the market
Got styles that spark the mind and brain
The lines I'm saying is sane yours are nothing, plain

Like what you saying Spaz past you hardly sane
The part in lane staying in the sharpest lanes
I'm often slaying, others that recording maybe
Too coordinated to fall I'm favorite, to so many people now
And I'm greeting thousands, I'm making sounds when I'm in your town

Clowns should bow down get off the mound
I haunt them foul go launch the towel, Nehru's now nigga

With Bishop on the mic know he wreck it
I'm aiming for the top non-stop gotta respect it
Nehruvians getting larger by the second
You best invest in protection
The minds a lethal weapon
You stressin' you stressin'
I past your projections
The minds a lethal weapon
You stressin' you stressin'
I past your projections
The minds a lethal weapon
You stressin' you stressin'
I past your projections

[Verse 2]
Getting cream and exposure reaching my dreams they seem closer
I hope to, keep composure on this coaster

Life's lyrical holder I coach her like I'm supposed to
Sent to take over the solar throw me disclosure

I, show you who the illest is spittin' these sentences
Straight wickedness, for your dome homes you should get with this
Can't pickett this so they picking this, others picking fits
Sit and piss, cause they getting dissed, me I'm flippin' scripts
My chips, are all in, other MC's falling
From balling, to bawling in tears now they calling

My name out loud cause my sound ain't found
Very often and I'm tossing rapper portions

Barely lost in life's exhaust, it's often false coughing
But never seeing coffins, MC's can't off him
I'm better than awesome, leaving enemies screaming "Oh it's him"
They glory him, and meaning me I'm causing all hymns


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