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Say hello to the new lyrical superstar
Crash and smash rappers like bumper-cars
You can find me with the beats and never behind bars
Closer than close man you find me with cigars
And I already told you I'm spectacular
And I spit with my polished vernacular
Plus you know that I won't change my act for ya
Royce's best song but I'm shitting on it
Comin' so hard like Bizarre hittin' on it
Unlike Chris I don't play Childish games
I ain't coming to Camp's while searching for F.A.M.E.,

Fuckers shout "RESPECT" then throw dirt on my name
Y'all are more bitch then Hercules dame
The state of hip-hop has got me depressed
Looks like my wife has really regressed
It seems like y'all need to be addressed
When you step to me wear a bullet proof vest
I ain't gonna shoot but my rhymes is sharp
Music sounds angelic like a motherfuckin' harp
I leave y'all bodied and wrapped in black tarp

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