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[Hook: Bizzy Bone]
The future Thugs-N-Harmony, loyalty brings royalty (royalty)
The future Thugs-N-Harmony, loyalty brings royalty (royalty)
The future Thugs-N-Harmony, loyalty brings royalty (royalty royalties)
The future (the future) the future (yeah!)
The future Thugs-N-Harmony, loyalty brings royalty (royalty)
And loyalty brings royalty!

[Bizzy Bone]
Alllll myyyy life, I been gamblin and fuckin with the dice
Strugglin, hustlin, tryin to make it right
Drinkin liquor, rollin Swishas, gettin blunted and militant
Wheelin and dealin the killa
Alllll myyyy aim, is the sky rocket and make it out the game game
And keep my family in the shelter out the rain rain
Cause I'm sick of this depression
It's a better day, better life, I'm a veteran
As I'm passin through time I got some insight with the future like
All I needed was one mic, Entertainment Tonight
Goin nation-wide broadcastin live
107.5 blow the speakers on they stereo
Music for my peoples on the streets and in that download dot-com
Underground railroad; stop drop and roll
Free to get'cha boogie on, the Soul Train all aboard
Tongue I'm a double-edged sword speakin in slang
You know what I'm sayin

[Hook] - 2X

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