BJ The Chicago Kid – Honey Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Girl you make me float
Girl you get me high
Feels like I'm on dope (because of you, yea)
Serve me on the regular, yea
But baby I got that stroke (that stroke, that stroke)
As you pull me deeper
Have you hitting high notes
All because you love my stroke, yea

[Hook x2]
But baby I can't figure it out, your kisses taste like honey
And every time you're in my mouth, it makes me so damn horny

[Verse 2]
It's a must I make you rain
After I get you high
Don't worry 'bout them love stains
Cause that Oxyclean gon' get 'em out
And if you ever find a time you want my loving, yea
Girl I can dig you out
Girl you can call me on the phone, baby
I won't do you wrong sweet lady
Disappointed cause 9 times out of 10
Baby I can

[Hook x2]

[Outro x4]
Smoking that la-la-la la
Smoking that la-la-la la
Beat it up like hey, hey, hey, goodbye

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